About CRANIUM Webshop

CRANIUM Webshop offers pragmatic & standard products for organisations that want to comply with current market standards in Privacy & Security.


As part of the CRANIUM group, we can count on many years of experience in Privacy and Security. We use our experience from large-scale audits and projects to offer smaller, pragmatic/standard products and services that can help your organisation to meet current market standards. Our products are constantly updated on the basis of new knowledge, experience and advice from the authorities to ensure a high standard.


Our standard products contain the requirements to set up and implement regulations or models. In addition, we add value by including manuals with clear instructions in our solutions. These contain information to optimize the use of the products. We not only focus on the legal aspects, they also take behavioural changes into account. We believe that this is the only way to detect privacy & security risks early and to remain compliant for a long time.

About Our Products

CRANIUM Webshop offers pragmatic solutions. When making our products, we can always rely on the experience and advice from CRANIUM to guarantee quality. All solutions contain an extensive, easily usable guideline.

You can implement our solutions yourself or request our support. This allows you to start a project yourself and use our professional support to finalise the implementation.

Are the Protection of Personal Data or Security not driving factors in your company, but do you still want to take precautions to be GDPR compliant? Thanks to CRANIUM Webshop, you can enjoy the knowledge we gained when implementing large projects in complex organisations. We offer customised solutions that give you the level of protection you need.

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