I was recently confronted with an article I have written about the competences of the DPO.

So i read it again, and to my surprise the relevancy of this is still quite high. Mostly blogposts disappear in the dark corners of the Internet after a while and lose their relevance. But with this article it was different. It still caught my attention and I kept reading it to the end, even I was the author of the article.
Now we can discuss the details and writing of this, but that doesn’t bring any value to this post. What I prefer more is to evaluate after one year what happend. And to my surprise again, what we see today, is somewhat of a difference that what everyone agreed upon a year ago.

Noooo, I didn’t think my post at that time would go out and change the world. I don’t have that ego or ambition. But at least I estimated that the general agreement on the difficulty of the role of a DPO would have had a broader impact than what I sometimes see today. Some organisations, even the ‘Data Driven’ ones, I see the selection of a DPO based on the old habit of the Chinese Volunteer. I see you laughing? But this is risky, I think. Of course we can start the debate that no-one (of organisations) was waiting on GDPR, or that the enormous shortage of DPO’s could predict this. But honestly…