CISO as a Service

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Security is an important topic in every organization but is often limited to physical security.

Your company’s security strategy should be adapted to our digitalizing world. The role of a CISO is crucial in this evolution. A CISO, or ‘Chief Information Security Officer‘ is a specialist who draws the lines for a good security strategy. He or she will help you roll out your plan, by working out a good strategy and solid approach before implementing different measures. Keep in mind that Digital Security is not only about technical tools; it is also about behaviorprocessesawareness and a continuous aim for improvement.

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CISO as a Service aims to strike a balance between the often part-time nature of the CISO job and the need for expert advice of a security specialist.

CISO as a Service?
We assign you a dedicated CISO who will be your go-to person when it comes to Security strategy, questions or implementation. The CISO will be supported by a team of specialists who can step up to fill the specific needs of your organization.

Our specialists will to take on any tasks an experienced CISO would take on within known frameworks like ISO 27k and ’20 critical Security Controls’. These tasks include amongst others:

  • Analysis of risks and processes
  • Examination of technical measures and partners
  • Perform audits
  • Advice on incident reports and management
  • coordination of external communication in case of a breach or incident

Why choose CRANIUM?

At CRANIUM we’re convinced that Security is important for everyone. Security is not limited to methodology or technology, but is also a matter of risk, protection and communication. Security is also about supporting new processes and helping your organization grow consistently.

Therefore CRANIUM Business Essentials is determined to offer a package with a personal and customizable approach. The benefits of CISO as a Service are:

  1. Full transparent cost upfront
  2. Customized expertise in every situation
  3. A partner with legal, business, communication and technical expertise in the field of Security (one stop shop)
  4. No interruptions due to vacation or illness
  5. Ability to quickly upscale if needed

We offer a combination of specialized services, tailored to your organization, packaged in a fixed fee a month.


What do you get for this daily rate:

  • one dedicated qualified consultant who will be officially your CISO
  • Specialist CISO profile
  • CISO certification or equal by experience
  • Support of Subject Matter Experts via your CISO
  • Access to our knowledge base and templates via your CISO
  • Priority access to our Privacy and Security Helpdesk
  • Discounts on Cranium Campus

*If you order the services for a full year, there will be a discount on daily rate.


To create a good and solid Security approach continuity is needed. Therefore our offer is based on a reoccurring effort of the CISO towards your organization. This way we can follow up progress, adapt planning and approach if needed, intervene if something is not evolving as planned and report to the key decision makers in a timely manner.

Not all customers are alike and not all CISO roles are the same, so we’ll send you a personal proposal upon your request for this service.

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