Data Breach Advisor


The GDPR requires some personal data breaches to be reported to the supervisory authority and the Data Subjects. This must be done in time and contain sufficient details about the impact towards the data subject and containment and investigation of the breach. CRANIUM offers a Data Breach Advisor who will guide you through the initial process and assist you with the first investigation and information gathering.



A data breach puts your reputation at risk and will cause pressure and stress within your organization. Our Data Breach Advisors can help you and prevent further damage due to:

– Poor communication
– Incorrect information
– Bad timing or time management
– Chaotic follow-up with the supervisory authority
– Wrong or insufficient answers to data subject rights or questions


What can you expect?

A professional and experienced Data Protection Specialists will guide you trough the steps to take after a data breach. Our experience in Data Breach Reporting and follow-up is definitely what you need when you encounter an emergency like this. We’ll help you to report the data breach and assist you during the follow-up. We make sure the investigation into the breach is thorough and that the necessary measurements will be taken to prevent similar breaches in the future. We’ll also help you mitigate the negative consequences of the personal data breach.

To prevent breaches, we advise you to consider a CRANIUM DPO who will take precautions in order to be align your business with GDPR.

What do we promise?

  1. A quick response to any request that comes our way (as you only have 72h to report the breach)
  2. A quick startup consultation with you
  3. Full transparency in every step we take
  4. Full report to the DPA if requested (depending on the mandate and the contract)
  5. Full preparation of the data subject communication
  6. Follow-up after the first notification to the authorities and data subjects*
  7. Estimation of tasks and effort of follow-up actions

* This effort is limited to the initial actions that need to be taken. If there is a need for extensive follow-up, we will provide a correct estimation of the effort during this process. The solution promises a first Breach notification and an initial investigation.