Privacy & Security Helpdesk Credits

Starting at 90

Privacy and GDPR are not always easy. The required protection level is often hard to interpret and a lot of parameters play along. Most organisations don’t have a specialist or a consultant at their disposal to solve these challenges. Therefore CRANIUM Business Essentials will provide you experience and knowledge on a ad-hoc basis thanks to these credits. They will give you access to our helpdesk of specialists who will answer any question related to Privacy.

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It is a proven fact that eventually your organisation will be facing a blocking question or issue related to Privacy or Security. To ensure continuity it is crucial to get these blocking factors out of your way as soon as possible.

That is why CRANIUM provides an online helpdesk to get a quick reply on blocking questions related to Privacy and/or security.

Prepaid tickets

One credit will grant you access to our Helpdesk where you can get in touch with one of our specialists in the field of Privacy and/or Security. The online helpdesk uses pre-registered email address(es) to prevent unauthorised use of credits

Question type Description Time to answer Credits
Standard Can be answered within 2 days, and takes less than 1 hour 2 business days 1
Complex Can be answered within 2 days, and takes more than 1 hour 2 business days > 1
Very complex Specific timing to be agreed between customer & CRANIUM custom > 1

(Max. 5 questions per week)

You will receive a clear answer touching all areas that are relevant to your inquiry, or we will guide you in the direction on how to solve your problem. CRANIUM Webshop is backed by the CRANIUM expertise to provide advice of the highest quality.

In short, the return on investment for your company:

  • Get in touch with our high valued specialists in the area of Privacy and Security;
  • Stay focussed on your core business and outsource blocking privacy/security questions to CRANIUM;
  • Avoid long inquiry processing times and long waiting queues;
  • Our specialists will assist you within a short period, resulting in a fast-paced solution to your problem;
  • Be provided with clear, qualitative and validated answers to your questions.

For more information on the operation of the online helpdesk, please contact