CRANIUM Experience – Is Direct marketing still allowed after GDPR?


Is Direct Marketing still allowed after GDPR?

One of the most outspoken topics of the GDPR and the aftermath thereof is (direct) marketing. We often receive the question whether marketing is actually still allowed with GDPR. In this workshop, we tackle the participants with different questions and together we find a solution on how marketing can still be done under GDPR.

Duration: 0,5 Day

CPE Credits:4

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Introduction in privacy and data protection laws that have a link with marketing (GDPR, Belgian Economic Law, ePrivacy, European Electronic Communications Code) (15 – 30 min)
10 – 15 questions to discuss during the workshop. The response will not be given directly, it is really the goal that the participants think for themselves and we discuss different options if applicable.
The opportunity to launch a question before the workshop, e.g. can I send an e-mail after an event that I have organized to inform the participant that there might be other interesting events for him/her?
Recap of the workshop


No need for knowledge of GDPR. A specific explanation will be given during the first 15 – 30 min of the workshop to ensure we are all talking about the same thing.