Are you drowning in all this information about Privacy and Security? Well, not anymore! Thanks to our new brand we’re able to help your organisation by providing tailored solutions for your challenge.

You’re probably aware of the growing importance of  Privacy and Security. Even when you own a truck company or a restaurant where data isn’t a business driver, you should take precautions. There’s always personal data or some risk involved. It’s inevitable. And even if you can’t come up with one example for your own company, you should investigate your privacy and risk thoroughly. Why? Because your customer wants you to take his privacy serious.

Ofcourse, not every organisation needs all the bells and whistles. There’s no need to implement and activate extensive processes and complex Business Matrix Models. And that’s why CRANIUM Business Essentials provides you the perfect tools to stick to the essentials of GDPR to be in line with this new legislation.

What is CRANIUM Business Essentials?

For starters, we believe that Privacy and Security matters for all companies. That’s why we make sure they get the right help according to their size, speed and needs. The amount of work everyone puts in this project, the preparation and sensibilisation should be directly proportional with the goal of the company. In other words, it should be doable and worthwhile.

CRANIUM Business Essentials is a brand, separated into a different entity to really serve the needs of these customers in a different way. Therefore we use the knowledge and competence of and the adapt CRANIUM documents to the needs of smaller companies where data is no business driver. This is the strength of CRANIUM Business Essentials.

Do you want to know more about us?

Visit our new website and online shop. You will find a lot of very interesting things related to Privacy and Security. You can also follow this blog where we share practical tips & tricks about Privacy & Security and evolutions on the topic.
Let’s make the digital world more secure by combining our efforts! Use CRANIUM Business Essentials to get started!