GDPR in a Box

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GDPR in a Box is a well balanced set of tools and manuals that will prepare you to get in line with the GDPR. It includes tailored templates with clear explanations, setup guidelines and extra features like Helpdesk Support and Awareness material. Do you think Privacy is important for your customers and employees? This box contains the best tools to get started right away!

If you need any help during the process, you can opt for the Interactive GDPR in a Box. CRANIUM’s experienced Data Protection specialists are happy to help you when you get stuck. It takes only 2 days of consultancy to get you back on track. We’ll guide you through the difficult exercises and fulfil the tasks you don’t feel comfortable with.

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GDPR in a Box contains templates and guidances to help you become GDPR compliant. We’ve summarised the GDPR into the essentials you really need. This Solution aims to provide you with both the knowledge and the practical instruction needed to make your organization GDPR compliant.


Why GDPR in a Box?

GDPR in a Box allows you to take actions towards GDPR compliance on your own, with your own employees and at your own pace.

Feedback of our customers is unanimous:

“The manuals have made the difference for us. This way we where able to do a lot by ourselves.”

“Being able to handle this on our own, made a difference in both time and budget for our organisation.”

“You can start on your own and when you are stuck, the helpdesk tickets get you back on track.”


What is in the Box? 

The package contains the following materials:

  • Road to GDPR compliance document
  • Project kick-off and/or awareness powerpoint presentation
  • GDPR project plan
  • Records of processing activities template
  • How to fill in / update the records of processing activities guide
  • How to create a privacy policy document
  • Legal minimum retention periods document
  • Accountability framework
  • Handling data subjects requests guide
  • How to select a processor document
  • Advice on creating a workplace culture of data protection
  • Pre DPIA Assessment
  • Information security incident & personal data breach management procedure
  • 3 Helpdesk credits that you can use for various questions
  • 1 ELearning trial license for awareness sessions


If you opt for the Interactive option, we provide interactive support during the execution of the project. This service will be executed conform our EULA and can be performed on site, remotely, by conference- or video call. This will depend on the location of your company and the location of our consultants.

Depending on what your organisation needs we’ll select the consultant most suited to support you. The support can be spread over several weeks, giving you the opportunity to prepare and execute some tasks your own.

What will be done by a consultant?

  • Day 1 (Half a day)
    • Explaining GDPR (if needed)
    • Guiding you through the content of the box
    • Setting out the project plan and assigning tasks
  • Day 2 (Full day)
    • Evaluation of your work
    • Advise and/or discussion on the topics that are not clear
    • Execution of the tasks held on for a specialist
    • A report and agreement on what is left to do
  • Day 3 (Half a day)
    • Evaluation of all products within the GDPR project
    • Discussion and advise on unclear topics
    • Final assessment on the current status of you organisation
    • Follow-up on to do’s if required


“Privacy is important for all of us.

Your customers deserve to be served by a company that respects their personal data.”


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