We get it. You need information on GDPR but all you find are useless and expensive templates. Frustrating right? That’s why CRANIUM wants to Keep It Simple.

When we talk about Privacy and Security we stick to these keywords: correct, appropriate, balanced and pragmatic. Isn’t this what you expect of good Privacy management? Therefore, we came up with GDPR in a box. As a company, offering solutions for non data driven organisations, we made it our goal to help you out with this balanced solution. The box contains just the right set of templates to help you implement Privacy in a pragmatic way. Additionally, we provide you clear manuals to start this GDPR journey on your own. It’s like assembling an IKEA closet. Once you get the hang of it, you’re on a roll.

Of course, GPDR has a different level of complexity than a closet. Therefore we didn’t limit our effort to one manual. No. You’ll get a manual for every single step. Besides, if you just need some guidelines to get your privacy policy on point, you are free to order this explanation separately. We assumed you would appreciate quality and quantity. So we’ve foreseen a very high quality setup that you can manage on your own. If you can’t figure out the tricky parts, our Privacy and Security Helpdesk will help you out in no time. But most customers don’t need our assistance and that’s why we’ve come to the conclusion that our manuals are straightforward and useful.

Still, if you’re not comfortable doing this by yourself, check the INTERACTIVE GDPR in a Box. We’ll come to you and work 2 days on site to achieve your Privacy goal. This way you combine the GDPR in a Box approach with a quality check of an experienced Privacy Officer.

We’ll wrap up with some recommendations. Anonymous, of course, because we respect the Privacy of our customers.

‘The manuals made me able, as a non Legal person, to achieve exactly what I want to achieve in relation to Privacy within my organisation.’

‘The balance between the templates, manuals and the pragmatic approach surprised me. I was truly amazed by the ease and guidances foreseen in the Box. As an investment organisation, all companies we invest in, need to implement this before end of year’.

‘We are a Legal office and downloaded a few different solutions and tools. But GDPR in a Box really jumps out by quality, guidance and the Helpdesk Support. This really made it possible to ask what we didn’t know or couldn’t figure out.’

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