Whitepaper: ePrivacy


Faced with multiple drafts of the ePrivacy Regulation from the European Commission, Parliament, Council and the Romanian Presidency and stalled by numerous issues, including: significant lobbying efforts, upcoming European Parliamentary elections and the invariable challenge of synthesizing law, business and technology, it is often difficult to understand where the European rules on electronic communication currently stand, what are the proposed changes, who they will affect and how. This is only confused further by the onset of additional European legislation, such as the European Electronic Communications Code, which also imposes rules on certain data processing activities.


This White Paper was written by CRANIUM’s ePrivacy expert team: Alexandra Calder (Privacy and Security consultant) and Maciej Skoniecza (Privacy and Data Protection consultant).

Alexandra first encountered ePrivacy working as a privacy consultant, assessing clients marketing approaches, which of course, today, are primarily adopted online. Recognizing the shortfall between the new GDPR and the outdated (but nevertheless, in force) ePrivacy Directive, Alexandra kept tabs on the ePrivacy Regulation’s developments in hope of obtaining a concrete oversight to better direct compliance strategies. Unfortunately, no such overview appeared to exist and so together with her CRANIUM colleagues, Alex created exactly that.

Maciej is CRANIUM’s ePrivacy expert and is pivotal in ensuring CRANIUM remains at the forefront of developments in the data protection landscape. Maciej has followed the developments of the ePrivacy Regulation in detail (along with other European and International legislation governing the privacy and security of data), including attending live debates at the European Parliament and in-depth analysis of the various ePR drafts, European 31/35 data protection decisions and cases and opinions and guidance of the European, independent and international bodies and authorities. For more information and questions about our solutions contact: be-info@cranium.eu